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Points table 2 weeks down..way more to GO..! Will it be a season of underdogs ?

After 2 weeks of EPL 2016-17 season , Mou’s RED DEVIL’s are well ahead among the TOP 4.. Topping the points table Mou’s team is playing like the good old times..

Manchester City even after spending so much to bring new players on board couldn’t come victorious in both the games. Ex-united star Rooney with his 200th premiere league goal put city down in the first half.

Chelsea who played without Costa, Hazard and Moses in their first game failed miserably. Late attempts to draw the game didn’t work well for them after two of their players getting RED card..!

However, they came back strongly in their second match against a strong Tottenham side beating them 2-1.

Arsenal not playing Alexis are yet to find their form. Lets hope Wenger will come up with a new strategy for their next game against Liverpool.

Red Devils are in their full swing since the season began. Top in the points table they had two massive wins in their first two games. New signings have gelled well in the new team. Mou must be proud seeing the unity and coordination within the team early on. Fans are crazy happy seeing their team playing like in the good old times..!

Huddersfield has surprised everyone. With 0 goals conceded and netting 4, the ex-2nd division club is currently 2nd in the points table. Lets see  how they will perform against big teams.

Liverpool with 1 draw and 1 win is currently 6th in the points table. With the bid from Barcelona still ON, the eagles are playing without Coutinho. With their champions league qualifiers going on, Kloppe is sweating to manage two games a week.

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